Signature Set

Seraphim’s Wing

Archangel Gabriel, the angel of protection, has gold angel feathers that represents a symbol of “wisdom and discipline”. Not only that, spiritual protection, new beginnings great strength are the blessings from the Angel. The Angel’s shining light surround us with protection to guide us through our darkest moments, keeping loved ones safe.

Charms Bracelet

Different design of charms can represent different meaning to public. With the combination of gold bracelet and charms, customers will match up bracelet that have various meaning.

Amour Eterno

This golden rose is made of pure gold foil. Every piece of gold foil rose has to go through processes: cutting, engraving, pinching, folding, and other different methods to reach perfection.

As it can be preserved forever and fades, the golden rose represents an unbreakable relationship and eternal love. It is one of the classical collection that can be given as token of love.


Chain’s design is important to match with different type of pendants, There are few designs of chain that customer can choose which type they prefer to match up.

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