CHL Jewelleries Marketing Sdn. Bhd. was founded in the year 2000 and CHL Innovation Industries Sdn Bhd was founded in the year 2012 by Mr. Law Chin Hooi and Madam Ho Sheue Ping. Both companies are the leading companies in gold jewellery industries in Penang.

CHL’s Company specialize in designing, manufacturing and wholesaling of 18k, 21k, and 22k fine gold jewellery to various countries such as UAE Dubai, China, Hong Kong, England, Singapore and Malaysia.

Mr. Law has more than 20 years experienced in this industry, company grown from a basic manufacturing factory to a part of the leading company in the gold jewellery industry. Within these few years, the company has set up own research team with modern and advanced machinery from Europe, China and Singapore. In order to cater to the market demand, the company is committed to providing customers with high quality and affordable gold jewellery series.

In order to synchronize with advanced machinery, company has sent employees to Italy, Germany, China and Singapore for short practical training on the latest techniques and ways to operate the system just like company always promote “CHL Gold Jewellery, Innovate Your Wolrd”.

Our Vision:

To Be A Leading in Gold Jewellery Product Globally

CHL Group’s vision is to be a leading in gold innovation products in the global world. We are ready to supply goods in best quality, provide excellence services and perfect solution to every customer. Therefore, we have professional presales, after sales and services team who are able to design and produce goods based on our customer’s requirement.


Our Mission:

Promote CHL Gold Jewellery, Passion for Everyone

Our mission is to totally committed our excellent products for various market need. We had a good system of work process flow to control our sequence of works to maintain the best quality as well as to maximize our productivity to cater for global market. Customer’s loyalty support and high expectation to our products Is our motive to development.

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