About Us

CHL Jewelleries Marketing Sdn. Bhd. was founded in the year 2000 and CHL Innovation Industries Sdn Bhd was founded in the year 2012 by Mr. Law Chin Hooi and Madam Ho Sheue Ping. Both companies are the leading companies in gold jewellery industries in Penang.

CHL’s Company specialize in designing, manufacturing and wholesaling of 18k, 21k, and 22k fine gold jewellery to various countries such as UAE Dubai, China, Hong Kong, England, Singapore and Malaysia.


Enterprise management within modern conditions

Many professionals today are curious about how in order to make decisions quickly and protect commercially aware or top secret data. To accomplish this, you basically need the right way selected software programs, for illustration, the digital boardroom. A good number...

The way to select Educational Application For Your Child

Educational application is software that is certainly specifically designed to assist children https://businesssec.info/b2b-business-and-features/ learn. Should you be looking for computer software that will help children learn studying, math, and science, there are...

Benefits and Disadvantages of Using Cloud Computing Suppliers

When it comes to Cloud Computing Suppliers, the amounts are not in, yet. This is an advantage and a disadvantage for virtually every business owner to comprehend. A great advantages is that a business owner has an capability to switch between different suppliers to...

Bienvenida! VPN Assessment – Buy Online With Confidence

The Bienvenida! VPN assessment is well-written and filled up with tons of facts to help you decide if the product meets your requirements. The one thing that the majority of people have problem with is certainly making sure that the review they read is mostly a...

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